First ever jug band rendezvous held in Brooklyn

RED HOOK, Brooklyn — The first ever Mid-Winter Jug Band Rendezvous is being held at the Jalopy Theatre on Columbia Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn this weekend.

But how exactly do you play a jug?

“It’s much like playing a horn, how you move your lips to get higher and lower notes," JalopyTheatre owner Geoff Wood said.

Jug bands typically feature instruments like banjos and ukuleles. The empty bottles of booze, jugs and other homemade instruments like the washboard take people back to the music of the early 1900s.

“I came to appreciate jug band music and early dusty blues when I started to think of my grandmothers and the lives they lived before I was born,” jug band player Arminda Thomas said.

Her band mate, Jennifer Sirey, agreed.

“There’s so much history. I just find that aspect really interesting,” she said.

A group called The Queens of Everything was the opening act of this festival. The Queens have day jobs, like construction manager, pipe organ restorer and dramaturge. But what they truly adore is coming together to make this music.

When PIX11 asked ukulele player Liz Rabson Schnore what she loved about the music, she replied “It is in my soul.”

The Mid-Winter Jug Band Rendezvous will continue at the fabulous Jalopy Theatre through the weekend.