Behind the scenes with the cast of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’

NEW YORK — "The Play That Goes Wrong" on Broadway is exactly how it sounds — a fake theatre company on stage, putting on a murder mystery.

Unlike any show, from the moment you sit in your seat, the show begins.

The audience soon realizing that nothing is going to go as planned.

Alex Mandell and Mark Evans are two of the leading men and were thrown into a whole world of slapstick comedy in a show that has no microphones.

"It wasn't until two or three weeks in that I felt I could get through the show without being short of breath," Mandell said.

"Making sure we are in bodies to make vocal projections and the audience is probably the biggest character in the play because they are loud with laughter and we need to top that," Evans said.

At times, the audience chimes in when warranted.

But, it's the slapstick that wins top honors in this show.

The actors really give it their all in what looks like a full body exercise, describing that they have to really be on point to avoid injury.

"I was actually out of the show with an injury and when I came back, I realized how out of shape for the show I was," describes actor Clifton Duncan.

The cast shows our own Dan Mannarino how to carry out the slapstick in a behind the scenes tour.