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How to teach your children to ‘run, hide, fight’ in case of a school shooter

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NEW YORK — In the wake of the Florida high school shooting, New York City leaders are calling for better messaging in public schools between principals, parents and pupils on the topic of school shootings.

They suggested more social workers and guidance counselors in schools to help guide the conversations. However, the commissioner of New York State’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services said the time is now for this difficult dialogue.

Roger Parrino teaches “run, hide, fight,” including how and when to effectively prepare for and use each tactic. He even had some creative suggestions for bridging the tough topic with children.

“Say you’re out,” Parrino began. “Ask: ‘Where would you hide here?’ You don’t have to say why, but now you’ve started the discussion, you’ve made a game of when you’re in a public atmosphere they should be looking for a place to hide or run.”

Parrino said the game can be escalated to a more frank conversation about running or hiding until a police officer, parent or teacher finds you.

The NYS DHSES has produced a video (embedded below) to help start the conversation between parents, children and educators.

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