Where’s the money? NYCHA brings new generator to development to mark grant, but some families not impressed

The New York City Housing Authority’s Office of Recovery and Resilience announced the 2017 End of Year Report on the $3 billion FEMA grant to build back public housing destroyed during Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.

The devastation hit 33 developments, affecting 10 percent of NYCHA’s property and 60,000 residents.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency granted NYCHA’s Office of Recovery and Resilience $3 billion in December 2015 to not only restore the affected buildings to their original state, but to also implement resiliency measures to protect against future storms.

NYCHA showed an example of these resiliency efforts at the Astoria Houses, which had 8 buildings affected, and had a generator lifted to its roof during the release of the End of Year Report.

Asia Aiken, who lives inside the Astoria Houses, is still waiting for repairs and is not impressed.

“I have a bathroom and it’s rotten. I’ve been waiting a whole year. I am not alone. Where’s the money,” Aiken asked.

More than 30 projects are anticipated to be complete by 2021, NYCHA Vice President for Recovery Joy Sinderbrand said. She promised transparency in the building.

The president of the Douglass Houses called for more to ensure that transparency. Carmen Quinones called what happened with the generator a show and demanded proof of action.

“You want transparency? Give us an oversight committee," Quinones said. "Show me the money."

If you would like to see how the money is being spent, head here.