NYC must become ‘fairest big city in America’: Mayor de Blasio delivers State of the City address

NEW YORK — More than 2,000 city officials and supporters cheered Mayor Bill de Blasio on during his hour-long speech Tuesday evening.

During his speech, the mayor laid out a ten-point plan to achieve his goal, praising the NYPD for low crime reports and announced even further plans to reduce crime.

“We’ll keep crime low while keep arrests low as well. We’ll use policing strategies to focus on the worst crimes and the worst problems,” he said.

He also pledged that police officers would all wear body cameras by the end of the year.

During his first term, de Blasio worked on giving every 4-year-old access to Pre-K. The mayor pledged 3-K during his second term. “We will reach all of our children by 2021 and tap into their potential,” he said.

Even with though employment in the city is high, de Blasio wants more. He hopes to use the city’s power to ensure the simplest measures of fairness — equal pay for equal work.

"Now, we have four more years to go further, move faster, and do more. Now, we work to make New York City the Fairest Big City in America," he said.