Florida school shooting: What we know about the alleged teenage gunman

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says the shooting suspect is a 19-year-old former student at the South Florida school where the shooting erupted.

The alleged gunman has been identified by a U.S. Official as Nikolas Cruz, 19.

He says the teen was arrested without incident after he was located off the school grounds in a nearby community. He didn’t give details of when the suspect had attended the school. But the sheriffs says the suspect wasn’t currently enrolled.

“I don’t know why he left,” Israel said, briefing reporters Wednesday afternoon.

He also says the shooter was outside and inside the school at points during the attack. He didn’t elaborate.

The sheriff says several SWAT teams have gone in during the afternoon and are clearing every building at the Parkland high school complex to ensure no other threat remains.

He also says the FBI has stepped in and will begin processing what he describes as “horrific scene.”

Said the sheriff: “This is a terrible day … This is catastrophic.”