Bronx principal confiscates Black History Month projects

THE BRONX — One day after a rally was held outside Middle School 224 in the Bronx calling for more Black History lessons, students and a teacher say the principal confiscated Black History projects from them Tuesday afternoon.

“Everybody was setting up in the classroom," teacher Mercedes Liriano Clark said. "They were going to do a gallery walk. Look at each others work."

Clark said Principal Patricia Catania took away the poster boards students in her class were about to present on Black History without explanation.

Clark believes the principal may have been acting in retaliation of Monday’s protest, “she just took it upon herself to be vindictive.”

PIX11 reached out to the Department of Education Tuesday about the latest allegations against Principal Catania they said in a statement, “the superintendent and his team are going to be at the school tomorrow to investigate these concerning allegations and will ensure any necessary follow-up action is swiftly taken. The principal confirmed that she returned the projects and we’re providing the school community with ongoing support.”‎