Another NJ town is closing streets to nonresidents during rush hour

WEEHAWKEN, N. J. — Nonresidents will be banned from using a street in Weehawken during rush hour starting Tuesday.

Drivers coming out of Hoboken and Jersey City will often make a right turn onto Pleasant Avenue as a cut-through to get to 495. But starting Tuesday night, that turn is off limits to nonresidents.

Weehawken residents were given stickers to display in their cars. Drivers without these stickers who attempt to make the turn between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. could get ticketed.

This is the second New Jersey town that has put restrictions on nonresident drivers.

The New Jersey town Leonia put a similar law in place last month, closing dozens of side streets to nonresidents during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Leonia's law has frustrated residents of nearby towns and the town is facing a lawsuit.