Police arrest 2 in attack, robbery of pregnant woman in Bronx building

WOODSTOCK, the Bronx — Police arrested two women in the attack of a pregnant woman in a Bronx building.

The pregnant woman was beaten and suffered bruising to her face and stomach.

Tylesha Mohammed, 19, was knocked to the floor and repeatedly kicked on Feb. 1 around 2:15 p.m. She’d been on her way to a bodega to get orange juice when she was attacked.

“I’m going to break your face and kill your baby,” the attackers said, according to Mohammed.

The pregnant woman covered her stomach with her hands during the attack, terrified for her unborn daughter.

Her attackers left with her cellphone.

Mohammed suffered bruising and swelling to her face and stomach.

“I’ve been through a lot, but nothing like that ever happened to me,” she previously told PIX11. “I felt like I was going to die. My body went numb after a while. I was just waiting for it to be over.”

Serenity Dunham, 18, and Tiffany Nurse, 27, were both charged with robbery and gang assault.

** WARNING: Video footage contains graphic content**