Howard gets into neighborly dispute over junk cars

WEEHAKEN, NJ — Ron Barile of Weehawken can’t take it anymore.  His neighbor, a guy named Glen, has had junk cars parked in front of his house for years.  They’re filled with debris and Ron says they’re attracting cats and critters. Skunks actually come out in broad daylight.

I asked Ron, “Do you talk to your neighbor?”

“We argue,” he said. “We argue. He says I’m allowed to do it (park the cars on the street) and that’s it.”

So, I asked, “Who gives your neighbor permission to park these cars here?”

“That I don’t know,” he told me.

I called Weehawken’s longtime mayor, Richard Turner.  He flat out said he didn’t want to get involved and instead wanted this to play itself out in court.

So, I tried to talk to Glen.  He didn’t answer his door.  But he did call the police on me.  Weehawken’s finest arrived and went around the sign to talk to Glen.  I went over to see if I could speak with him. And he slammed the door on the police!

Eventually, Glen spoke to me through the door.  He told me he watches me on TV and Ron was just out to get revenge for a previous court judgment.  He claimed the cars worked and there are no critters living in them.

This is just one of those times when there’s too much distance between the parties to get a settlement.  Good luck to the judge who has to handle this and maybe clean up Weehawken’s streets.