Queens school refuses to let student have ‘Malcolm X’ on senior sweater

Posted: 5:36 PM, Feb 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-10 17:36:32-05

MIDDLE VILLAGE, Queens — A Queens high school is under fire for refusing to allow a student to have the name Malcolm X printed on the back of his senior sweater, even though that is his real name.

17-year-old Malcolm Xavier Combs is a student at Christ the King High School. He requested that his first name and middle initial be printed on the back of his senior sweater. He was summoned into the assistant principal's office and told that his request had been denied.

“[The assistant principal] told me she couldn’t put my name on a sweater... said she did not want to be associated with that name," he said.

The honor roll student was told could have his first name, his last name or Malcolm Xavier on his sweater, but not Malcolm X. The school said they didn’t want to be associated with anyone controversial, according to Combs.

“I was in shock in this year that she would say something like that," he said.

His parents were also shocked and asked for help from civil rights organization National Action Network, founded by the Reverend Al Sharpton. Sharpton and Malcolm X's daughter Ilyasah Shabazz have rallied in support of the teen.

“Young Malcolm Xavier we are very proud of you...proud of your demonstration of excellence and we pray you continue to stand for truth," Shabazz said.