Long Island man arrested on cockfighting charges

Reynaldo Bonilla was arrested after he was found training birds to fight on Long Island.

ISLIP, L.I. — A Long Island man has been arrested on charges accusing him of possessing more than 60 roosters trained for cockfighting.

Reynaldo Bonilla, 40, was faces multiple charges including animal cruelty after detectives seized the roosters and a mistreated pit bull in Bonilla’s Islip property. Authorities found a fighting ring and metal spurs that are attached to birds when fighting.

Bonilla was also charged with drug possession.

Officials said the roosters will have to be euthanized because they can’t be rehabilitated and were likely injected with steroids and other chemicals.

If convicted, Bonilla will be required to register with the Suffolk County Animal Abuse registry that allows authorities to track his whereabouts.

Associated Press contributed to this report.