Cops have a dance party with Queens community

QUEENS, N.Y. — It's not everyday that you see kids and cops showing off their moves on the dance floor. But it was all about dancing and community at the Lost Battalion Recreation Center in Rego Park.

There were some professional break dancers giving kids pointers. New York' s finest mixed it up on the dance floor and took over the DJ console.

"My favorite part was the police dancing," young dancer Cammeron said.

"It's actually cool because I never saw a police officer dance," Jholona added.

State Senator Jose Peralta also joined in on the fun.

"It's really about making sure the NYPD and the community come together as one. The community feels comfortable enough with the NYPD, and they can break that mentality of it's us against them," he said.

All in all it was a night of smiles and a real love for dancing and exercising. The NYPD says they want to do more events like this one.

"We're cops and we're people. And we like to have fun too," NYPD Sergeant Johnny Hines, who was the emcee of the event, said.