Be a tourist in your own city: 111 places to visit in Queens

JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens — Whether you’re a city local or here for a visit, you can become a tourist in your own city.

The book series “111 Places That You Must Not Miss” shows you how.

It’s a guidebook for travelers and residents from all over the world from Chicago to Paris.

The newest edition is for Queens.

Author Joe DiStefano from has lived in Queens for about 20 years, and he’s the king of everything you need to know about Queens.

DiStefano shared one of his favorite local eateries.

“We’re here in Lhasa fast food, which is a tibetan cafe in the back of a cell phone store in Jackson Heights.”

Himalayan specialties like Momo beef dumplings and yellow mung bean noodles are on the menu.

Time to shop — Head to Butala Emporium in Jackson Heights.

It started as a newsstand almost 30 years ago. Now, it’s a one-stop-shop for all things from the Indian culture.

Did you know scrabble was actually invented in the neighborhood?

There’s a scrabble street sign on 81st street and 35th avenue to commemorate the game.

Although the book covers 111 places, DiStefano says it's actually more like 222.

There are lots of extra tips inside for even more spots to visit.

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