“The Mighty Geese” are mighty breakdancing champs

Woodbridge, N.J.—It’s hard not to get in the groove once you hear the beat.

Meet The Mighty Geese, and their fearless leader, Loose Goose!

These young break dancers get together every week to lock, pop and battle it out!

"It's not only about winning, its about fun," one student said.

Their dance school is part of the kids breakdancing league, which hosts battles all over the tri-state area.

This is the first time “Across The Floor” in Woodbridge, New Jersey is hosting a jam, and the whole team is pumped.

"It's given them this confidence. It's given them a way to express themselves in a way they couldn’t find before. With breaking, it’s a very individual style of dance, everyone has their own specialties and moves, but then its also communal at the same time we get in the circle and learn from each other," said B Boy Loose Goose.

“B” Boy Loose Goose, whose real name is Ryan, says he was drawn to breakdancing because of the music and the culture.

"I met this guy who knew a little bit of dancing. We just started doing it together and before I knew it, I was battling and competing," Loose Goose said.

In his free time, he’s also a grad student at Princeton, studying, not dance, but the Hebrew Bible.

"What’s my break dance name?" Mr. G asked.

"Pretty Boy G is pretty good. You come in with your hair, you’re a little bit like Slick Sick," Loose Goose said.

"I love dancing cause I can express myself in rhythm," one student said.

"Do you dance in the middle of social studies?" Mr. G asked.

"Sometimes if we have free time."

There’s no doubt about the comraderie of this team.

They even made me an honorary “B” Boy, with my very own hoodie.

So I showed them what I got!

"There's power and strength in who you are. So when you get in that circle, it's all about you and what you are feeling at that moment. So you just put yourself out there, no matter what age you are," studio owner, Sara Reynolds said.

"So how’d I do?" Mr. G asked.

"Your back spin was amazing. The form, the form, yes, the speed of the spin the force. I kind of felt the wind at me. I felt my hair blowing," Reynolds said.​