Go Red for Women kicks off fashion week with focus on women’s hearth health

MANHATTAN — The Go Red For Women Collection by Macy’s marked the start of fashion week, but will this fashion week be different in the wake of the #me too movement?

“There are models who are going out and sharing their stories,” Tatyana Ali, the actress, told PIX11. “And it’s changing the power, the dynamic can shift.”

There were TV actresses, models and celebrities all mixed together in this Go Red For Women night.

And while this fashion show was all about women’s heart health, it was also about female empowerment and the treatment of models during fashion week.

To many it’s the dawn of a new code of conduct.

“Model Alliance now requires changing rooms,” Afiya Bennett, a model, told PIX11 News. “Before models would dress or undress in front of everyone.”

Condé Nast has been leading the way in establishing strict rules about how models can be treated on fashion shoots.

Many walking the red carpet say women have got to demand the changes and speak up.

“It’s important to remember there are so many people who have still not spoken,” Kathy Ireland, the actress/model/entrepreneur, told PIX11. “It’s all about female empowerment."

Many of these glamorous women say the time is finally here for change, but only if women feel empowered — whether it’s about their health or sexual harassment

“Anytime that there is truth, the culture will change,” Kate Walsh, the actress, told PIX11.

Whether or not the #metoo movement changes fashion week, this Go Red For Women has already raised $65 million for the women’s heart health.