2018’s must-have apps that should be on your radar

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NEW YORK – It was ground breaking in the beginning, but now apps run our world.

The app universe had already served up a truckload of must-haves in 2018 — some of them aim to make your lives better while others there to keep you entertained.

One of them is an app anyone in New York City who has a roommate should download immediately. It’s called Zently and it splits just about everything right down the middle.

“It lets you split bills very easily, groceries, your rent check - every month,” Madeline Buxton, Tech Editor at Refinery29, told PIX11 News. “It also makes it very easy to communicate with your landlord, you can also set up ‘fix it’ requests, so if you have a leak you can notify your landlord.”

From roommates to wardrobe, the Cladwell app helps you get the most out of your closet. It coordinates tops with bottoms, creating ensembles you didn’t even know you had.

“You can set it to [your location] and, every day when you ask it to come up with pairings, it will base it off of the weather in your area,” Buxton explained.

Keeping with that theme, Mixel helps you put together the perfect cocktail concoction using ingredients already in your bar.

One app that has skyrocketed in popularity among young, troubled adults is the Calm Harm app, which helps users resist the urge to self-harm with exercises including breathing and meditation.

“Most of these apps have started out by targeting a specific demographic,” app developer Fahim Saleh told PIX11.

When it comes to apps, Saleh has a few notches on his belt. The New York-based entrepreneur was an unemployed college graduate when he launched his first app inspired by his love of mischief.

It’s called Prank Dial and it was a massive hit when it was launched in 2010. It gives users access to various characters and story lines to prank their friends over the phone.

“It was more of a joke when I first started it and it became an actual business,” he said. “That was my first app and I used the money from that app to invest in other apps and go around the world.”

The key to success in the app world, he said, is producing a product that will leave the user feeling accomplished, or just special.

“A lot of these apps are about how can you turn the regular person into an artist or into a creator,” he said.

One app doing just that is the Like​ app –  a video maker and music video editor that puts you in the spot light.

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