Howard works out deal with dealership

NEW JERSEY — Lee Svorec is a truck guy. He uses it for his landscaping business in Lodi as well as for personal family treks for dirt biking and snowboarding.

When he had a brake problem, he brought his truck in for servicing at East Coast Toyota. The dealership is in Wood-Ridge, N.J. The service center is in Carlstadt.

“They did the brakes the last time they crashed the truck. And now my emergency brake doesn’t work anymore," Lee told me.

“They crashed the truck? Did they admit they crashed the truck?" I asked.

“Not until I had to call them out on it," he said. "They let me pick up the truck that day. Didn’t say anything about it.”

Fortunately for Lee, he had a dash cam installed. It caught on camera the truck smacking into the garage door.

“Then their story changed," he said.

Yeah, I’m sure it did.

Lee said there was some nasty screaming with the manager. But East Coast fixed most of the damage, leaving a remaining problem with the front end.

Lee said the service manager told him to get an estimate.

He did. For $600.

Lee said he submitted it and never heard back. So, now I’m involved. Lee and I went over to the dealership.

The service manager told us he felt more comfortable going to a mediator. But Lee pointed out he had the email promising to pay for the repairs.

The service manager said he didn’t like the fact Lee had gone off on some of the people answering phones. Lee apologized and I worked out a deal.

The dealership would send Lee $661 for the repairs in 7 to 10 days.

See what happens when people talk reasonably? Good things.