Super Bowl screens go dark following ‘brief equipment failure’

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Televisions went dark for about half a minute during the Super Bowl Sunday night.

Black screens with no sound aired for just over 29 seconds during the second quarter of the game. Commercials lasting 30 seconds cost about $5 million during the Super Bowl.

TVs returned to game play afterward, but the game’s announcers did not mention what had occured at all.

NBC later cleared it up in a statement.

“We had a brief equipment failure that we quickly resolved,” NBC Sports said in a statement. “No game action or commercial time were missed.”

People watching the game expressed their confusion on Twitter where #SuperBowlBlackout quickly began to trend.

Many people expressed anger with their television provider. Some called it the most memorable image from the Super Bowl.

“This black screen commercial is fantastic,” one person tweeted.

Some people seemed concerned.

“That 30 seconds of dead air made me think another missile was coming from North Korea. #superbowladscares,” another tweet said.

Tide, which has paid for several ads during the Super Bowl, weighed in on the dark screens.

“Clean clothes are still clean in the dark,” Tide tweeted. “If it’s clean, it’s a #TideAd.”

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