Forget the Super Bowl: Puppy Bowl, Kitten Bowl are in leagues of their own​

The big game in Minneapolis may not be New Yorkers’ favorite Super Bowl.

Two matchups will be less heated and cuter — Kitten Bowl V and Puppy Bowl XIV.

Yes, the fur is going the fly.

The contenders are small, but they have come to play with lots of toys that is.

When they’re not rolling around the field, you’ll definitely be calling timeout for cuddling.

You’re going to be able to see kittens, in the locker room with their MVK banners as well as the “purr-king” lot having a tailgate party.

The kittens were rescued from across the country by North Shore Animal League America.

However the biggest win is finding these rescue animals a home.

Every animal that’s ever played in the Kitten Bowl has been adopted, resulting in more than 10,000 animals being placed in forever homes.

Some were rescued from Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Puppy Bowl XIV is also featuring a line-up of rescues from last year’s natural disasters in Houston, Puerto Rico and Mexico to play on #teamruff and #teamfluff.

On Long Island and shelters nationwide, organizers are hosting Kitten Bowl parties to watch the big game with little players and animals will also be available there for adoption.

In Lower Manhattan, a Puppy Bowl party will celebrate rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Rescue organizations said that when you rescue an animal, you actually save two lives — the animal you take home and the one you make room to be rescued.

You can catch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and the Kitten Bowl is airing on the Hallmark Channel.