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‘Roving band’ of bicyclists damage vehicles in Chelsea; driver seeking revenge injures cop: police

CHELSEA, Manhattan — More than a dozen bicyclists rode against traffic Saturday, damaging vehicles and allegedly injuring a driver who proceeded to chase the group before accidentally hurting an officer.

About 14 to 16 people made up the "roving band" of bicyclists spotted riding against traffic on Seventh Avenue near West 23rd Street around 4:54 p.m., police said.

The group damaged at least two vehicles, including one with a dented fender and another with a broken window, according to police.

An Uber driver who wished not to be identified shared dashcam video of the incident with PIX11, showing several bicyclists weaving in and out of traffic. He said the cyclists kicked his vehicle and refused to let him pass.

Tim, the driver of the vehicle with a broken window, told PIX11 one of the bicyclists hit his head, causing him to become nauseous.

"Some way or another it has to stop, so nobody else will get hurt, so none of them will get hurt, and nobody else will be victims of what they’re doing," Time said.

Once he collected himself, he said he pursued the bicyclists.

During the pursuit, police said the driver made a U-turn, going against traffic, on Seventh, and struck an officer who suffered an injured leg.

It is not clear if the officer was in a vehicle, or if Tim will face charges.

No arrests have been made.