City’s new car share program will take parking spots away from drivers

PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — The city is launching a pilot program this spring that will designate on-street parking to car-sharing companies like car2Go and Zipcar.

The plan was first proposed by the City Council last year and was recently signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio. The city hopes by making car sharing easier and more convenient, it will encourage people to get rid of their personal vehicles all together.

Many car owners are skeptical.

Brooklynite Ray James told PIX11 he normally leaves the house 45 minutes early to budget in enough time to look for a parking spot. He expects it to get even more difficult once the car-share parking program takes effect.

“That doesn’t make any sense. We’ve been fighting for parking for the longest time, as far as parking expansion, now you give it to a ride-sharing company,” he said.

Eric McClure, co-chair of Community Board 6’s Transportation Committee, owns a vehicle but welcomes the plan.

“I think the initial reaction is 'oh no, not more parking spaces being taken away.' But the research shows that over the long-run it will actually make it easier for them, because some people who currently have cars will get rid of them and start using the car share,” he told PIX11.

The city has chosen 14 neighborhoods for the two-year program. Under the current plan, north Brooklyn will lose a total of 100 spots. Park Slope and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens will lose 30. Boerum Hill will lose 20. Brooklyn Heights and Red Hook will each lose 10.  Parkchester in the Bronx will lose 20 spots and the Queens neighborhoods of Jackson Heights and Ridgewood will each lose 10.

If residents of these neighborhoods park in a spot for car shares, they will face a ticket and tow by the police.