New York Bully Crew on the front lines to save pets

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One in seven households in New York City have dogs — roughly nearly half a million canine companions across all five boroughs.

However, not all of them live in a loving home and that’s where the New York Bully Crew steps in. This group of pet first responders is on the front lines of life and death.

So far this year, the New York Bully Crew has rescued 15 dogs.

A small team of dedicated staff and volunteers keep this Long Island-based non-profit shelter running seven days a week.

While the street team responds to emergency calls about dogs in need, the staff at the rescue center makes sure the dogs are given a healthy dose of TLC and food.

The shelter currently houses 72 adult dogs and 13 puppies.

For more information on adopting a dog from NY Bully Crew, click here.

For more information on how to support the shelter, click here.

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