Puerto Rican students study at NYU after education knocked off course by Hurricane Maria

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MANHATTAN — For college students like Crystal Medina Lozada and Christian De La Cruz, Hurricane Maria knocked their college education off course.  Their university campuses were devastated by the hurricane.

Medina Lozada recalled taking a test in a tent after Maria.

“I was taking an exam in a tent and it started raining," she said. "We literally had to run to one of the main buildings and we had to take our exams sitting on the floor in the halls.”

She was a student of the University of Puerto Rico's Humacao campus, one of the areas most impacted by Maria.

“One day I was scrolling through a Puerto Rican news outlet when I saw the news NYU was offering a semester for Puerto Rican students affected by the hurricane so I thought, 'I'm not enjoying my classes, let's see if I can revive that excitement for school that I used to have and just try to get back into it,' so I decided to apply,” Medina Lozada said.

De Laz Cruz did the same after telling us he had one of the worst academic semesters of his life at Sacred Heart University in San Juan.  Pretty soon, both were accepted to NYU.

For one semester, NYU has admitted 57 students from Puerto Rico whose studies were disrupted by the Hurricanes.  The students will continue to pay their home university's tuition and also receive NYU housing, a meal plan and enrollment in the school's student health insurance plans.

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