Restaurant owner accidentally gives cocaine to customer: police

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GRIFFITH, Ind. — An Indiana business owner faces felony charges after a customer found cocaine in her cheese stick order.

Surveillance video released by police shows the owner of Broad Street Gyros Carrie Demoff walk into a back office, according to PIX11 sister station WGN. A couple minutes later, she leaves.

The video then cuts to Demoff in the kitchen with a white container. Police said the object inside that container tested positive for cocaine.

About 20 minutes later, a customer walks into the store, pays for her order and police said the cashier mistakenly handed her the food order with cocaine.

A few minutes later, a man walks in. He bypasses the cashier and starts to count out cash.

Behind the counter, Demoff can be seen getting upset. Police said that was because she cannot find the bag of cocaine.

It turns out the customer who received the drug in her food order went straight to police.

This incident happened in November and the business closed the next day. Demoff, 50, was arrested last week.