Howard chases scammer, the law caught him

We want to tell you the latest on three stories we’ve been on for a while.

Back in the spring of 2016 I went after this character Arie Gal.  He had some scheme going.  He’d send Nassau County homeowners official-looking forms.  They looked like the forms to fill out to take advantage of a state tax rebate program. But the fine print said he was a consultant filing for the homeowner and entitled to the rebate.  If victims signed and sent in the form, they were on the hook.  And if they didn’t pay, he’d go to court and win.

I was about the only guy Arie Gal didn’t want to see in court.  He ducked my questions when I confronted him in April 2016.

But then the New York Attorney General came calling.  And now a judge has shut down Gal’s company permanently and ordered him to make restitution to his victims.  That’s a lot of money.  The Attorney General’s office estimates Gal’s little scheme took in more than $1.5 million.


Then there’s Pastor R. David Keith.  He is accused of taking around $700,000 from a South Plainfield, New Jersey plumbing and heating company, Rupcoe.

When we saw him in court in June, the verbose pastor suddenly kept quiet.  Keith and an alleged accomplice were indicted. But a few weeks ago, he missed his court date.  The Middlesex County prosecutor’s office doesn’t know where he is.  Apparently, Pastor Keith is on the lam.

If you happen to see him, call the Middlesex County Prosecutor.  And keep your hand on your wallet.


We’ve been covering Torrey Green for more than four years now.  When we did a story on the south Florida art teacher, New Jersey resident Sara Tofoli saw it.  She decided to donate a kidney and she was a perfect match for Torrey.

Tofoli and her husband invited Green up for the holidays.  They had a nice reunion at a restaurant.  Green tells us he has a lot of energy now.  And he can’t believe how Tofoli's life has improved as well.  She says she’s dropped 70 pounds with a new passion for exercise.

Both kidney recipients and donors can have life changing experiences from the procedure.