“The Wrecking Club” is NYC’s newest rage

NEW YORK—“I had a bad day! I had a lousy meeting and nothing went well!”

Enter The Wrecking Club.

A place where people come- and pay- to break stuff!

And it's all the rage!

"Everyone gets that text message or email where they just want to pick up their cell phone or computer and throw it against the wall," Jeff King, from The Wrecking Club said.

And now they can.

Located in a basement on an ordinary city block, once you enter one of the club's wrecking rooms you realize it's no holds barred!

"There's that little voice in the back of your mind, tells you oh I just want to break this but society sort of suppresses that," King said.

The brainchild of Tom Daly, who then partnered up with Jeff King.

They like to describe themselves as two kids from the 90's, who hung out in their backyard and smashed stuff.

"What do people like breaking the most," Mr. G asked.

"Two main things are dishes, and also the dummy," King answered.

I decided to give it a whack.

But first I had to get suited up.

"Should I be wearing pants? I wanna wear the pants. Don’t put it on yourself, I signed the waiver. I signed a waiver and he covers his face," Mr. G exclaimed. "So how'd I do?"

"You did great man, form not so much," King replied.

The Wrecking Club says it honors its client's privacy, so what goes on in the room - stays in the room.

But everyone from date nights, to bachelor parties, to corporate events are getting in on the fun.

When they leave the room they’ve got a smile ear to ear.

And once you get going, it's hard to stop.

"I want to get one more wack," Mr. G.