Partially clothed woman found dead on Brooklyn sidewalk identified

MIDWOOD, Brooklyn — A partially clothed woman found dead in Brooklyn Thursday morning has been identified, police said.

Taina Lacend, 23, of 560 Belmont Avenue, the Bronx, was found around 6:30 a.m. on Olean Street near East 24th Street in Midwood.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, which has been deemed suspicious.

Neighbors said they saw the woman's body lying on the ground as investigators probed the area. They said it appears that her clothes were askew, with her leggings pulled down and her blouse pulled up.

The 70th Precinct, where the victim was found, has generally low crime rates, except for felony assault, which is up 200 percent from a year ago.

Residents said officers patrol the area frequently because it's so quiet that people park their cars in the neighborhood and, while inside those vehicles, engage in activities that aren't necessarily legal.

Surveillance video obtained from nearby homes shows a van stopping briefly at the place where the woman's body was found, not long before police had been notified, according to law enforcement sources and neighbors.

The information indicates that she'd been dumped there.

Sam Friedman, who lives in the house whose rear garage the woman was found in front of, is sure he would have heard something if the woman had been killed there.

"We would hear some commotion," he said. "We would hear screaming, we'd hear yelling, and I'm a very bad sleeper, so I would've heard."