New Yorkers step in when they see man harassing 2 teenage girls on L train

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn  — New Yorkers came to the rescue of two girls who were being harassed by a man on the L train in Brooklyn Friday afternoon.

Police say two 15-year-girls from Queens were on their way to see a movie in Williamsburg, when a man started to harass them on the J train.

The teens decided to get off the J and board the L train at Broadway Junction in an effort to get away from him — but the man followed them.

When they got to the Lorimer Street station in Williamsburg, the girls fled the train, but the man followed them again. Police say the man became aggressive, cornering the girls and grabbed one of them by the arm.

Two bystanders, Luis Pena and Chris Pena, saw what was happening and immediately sprang into action. They distracted the man, who was described as emotionally disturbed and possibly intoxicated, while the police were called.

"I don't know what was wrong with the guy, he was on something," one of the brothers told PIX11 News. "He wasn't in his right mind."

They posted the dramatic video on Facebook with the caption:

"We just saved her Chris Pena saved a young 15 year old girl followed and harassed for more then eight train stops, her harasser then gets off the same stops as her, then she screams for help. This all happened on the L train at Lorimer St"

The man was taken into custody shortly after and transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Police officers contacted the girls' mothers and drove them home.