Man with ‘roving sex chamber’ who propositioned teen sisters found guilty: officials

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A man caught driving a “roving sex chamber” near a Maryland middle school has been found guilty after asking two teenage sisters to perform a sex acts, officials said.

Daniel Dickson, 34, of Silver Spring, was found guilty Tuesday of one count of sexual solicitation of a minor, local TV station WJLA reports.

Dickson approached two sisters in June, and asked the teens to perform sex acts, the station reports. The older sister was an adult, so he was charged with one count of soliciting a minor.

The sisters refused, and used a cellphone to record his license plate and call 911.

“He pulled up, he wanted us to go inside the car. He was being so disrespectful. He got out of the car. We have the license plates and everything,” one of the girls told a 911 operator.

Police responded and pulled over Dickson. Inside his Mazda minivan, WJLA reports condoms, body spray and a twin-size mattress were found.

“It looks like the minivan was setup for being a roving sex chamber,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesman Ramon Korionoff said. “They called 911, they caught the license plate on video and today we have a conviction against what seems to be a child predator.”

Dickson later admitted to driving around the area looking for women, with no concern for their age, prosecutors said.

He faces up to 10 years in prison, and is required to register as a sex offender for at least 25 years, WJLA reports.

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