Bronx families continue to struggle without heat, Bronx Borough President declares city emergency

THE BRONX — Quindia Robertson lives at the Claremont Houses in the Bronx, and hasn’t had heat for weeks.

“There is no heat," Robertson said. "I have little kids and I’m boiling water, it’s scary. I’m afraid someone will get hurt."

Now, she also has powerful new friend in the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Diaz is declaring a city emergency, hoping it will cut some of the red tape.

“If a building needs a boiler, they don’t have to wait years for that money," Diaz said. "Families are freezing right now."

A New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says, "Staff has visited the resident's apartment and confirmed the heat is working well - 75 degrees. We will continue working diligently to ensure our residents reside in safe and warm apartments.”

On Borough President Diaz's Remarks:

"NYCHA’s underlying issue is its $17 billion in capital need. While we have staff working 24/7 to provide repairs as quickly as possible, federal disinvestment has resulted in aged and unreliable infrastructure and this cannot be remedied overnight."

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