How will new MTA NYC Transit President deal with delays and data?

How's your ride? Ask commuters in New York City and you will hear all kinds of answers.

MTA staff compile statistics and data every month and present it to the board of commissioners.

How do they generate the information?

Every month (except in August), there's a committee meeting attended by MTA Board Members who serve on the Transit Committee. They hear about delays, service changes and new projects. They vote on projects that cost millions of dollars.

They have been asking a lot of questions.

Board members wanted to know about the definition of "overcrowding" and "power-related problems."

MTA New York City Transit President Andrew Byford was attending his first committee meeting.

He emphasized his goal to improve service on the buses and subways and to make the system more accessible. Byford said he would include all stakeholders, including community members, advocates, neighbors and riders.

Byford began his transit career in the stations of the London Underground and worked there for more than a decade. He managed the system in Sydney, Australia. He was, most recently, the CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission, the 3rd largest system in North America.