Volunteers spend night on street to help homeless New Yorkers

NEW YORK — To help homeless New Yorkers, the city asks for volunteers every year to spend one night on the street.

It’s for a special project called the “Hope Survey” or Homeless Outreach Population Estimate.

On Monday from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., canvassers will scour the streets, parks and subway to figure out how many homeless people are living in the city.

There are also about 200 people hired to act as homeless decoys in order to gauge the accuracy of the findings.

Last year there was a drastic rise in homeless New Yorkers, but the city said this was likely due to the warm weather the night of the survey.f

Monday is forecasted to have similar weather, so we may see even more of these high numbers.

Canvassers counted nearly 4,000 people living on the street in 2017. That’s up 70 percent from 2016 and more than any other year since the survey began back in 2005.

The city uses this information to try to reduce the number of homeless New Yorkers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has also pledged to set up more temporary shelters for those in need.

Volunteers can sign up online at nyc.gov/hope, or by calling 311.

Survey data will be released this summer.