Kid inventor’s idea comes to life thanks to YouTube invention channel

Albertson, L.I.—It looks like a contraption out of the movie “Ghostbusters,” but it’s actually the brainchild of this pint-sized inventor!

Check out the Snowy Blaster!

The perfect tool for creating snow any time of year.

"It makes snow," 5-year-old Rhett Pace said.

"So you must like snow?" Mr. G asked.

"I do," Rhett responded.

It started as part of a science assignment at Meadow Drive Elementary School in Albertson, Long Island.

"So he said I want to build an invention that will make snow whenever I want it," STEAM teacher, Katelyn Rouskas said.

"How does the snow come out? And how far does the snow go?" Mr. G asked.

"I do not know," Rhett said.

Rhett’s mom posted a video of him explaining his invention on social media and it caught attention of the YouTube channel, Kids Invent Stuff.

They loved the Snowy Blaster and picked it as the winner of their invention contest.

“They made it and tested it out in London,” Rouskas said.

I was with Rhett when he got to meet Ruth from Kids Invent Stuff” over Skype.

"The best thing about it where we built it, they don't usually see snow so there were lots and lots of children were really excited," Ruth explained.

"I want to buy one of those! How much is that?" Mr. G asked.

"I don’t have one. I just drew it," Rhett said.

And Rhett’s not just a one hit wonder. He’s already got another invention up his sleeve.

"The hairy grower!"

"So I have a little spot over here. Do you see it? It needs a little hair. You don’t have to laugh when you say it. Can your hairy grower help?" Mr. G asked.

Mom says she knew Rhett was artistically inclined.

"So we started doing art lessons at home," Rhett's mom, Alecia Whitaker-Pace explained.

But had no idea he could be the next Thomas Edison.

"Hey inventing people, he made it, lets make sure he gets it. I feel like Monica Morales here. Let's make it happen," Mr. G exclaimed.