Overturned garbage hauler on the Major Deegan impacts morning commute

THE BRONX — A garbage hauler overturned Thursday morning on the Major Deegan Expressway, causing ramp closures and delays during the early commute.


Spilled debris is blocking the ramp. Due to the overturned truck, the ramp going into the George Washington Bridge is closed.

The overturned 18-wheeler has remained on scene since 5:30 a.m. A tow truck has made its way into the area for the cleanup.

Drivers are advised to detour onto the eastbound side of the Cross Bronx to turn around onto Jerome Avenue and try to get to the westbound side of the Cross Bronx.

The overturned truck has caused traffic eastbound, backing up the inbound George Washington Bridge with bumper-to-bumper. The southbound Henry Hudson Parkway is also affected by the incident.

There was no word on the driver’s status.

AIR11 was over the scene: