Good carbs vs. bad carbs: Know how to balance your diet

Balance is key, and there's a way you can be carb-friendly, according to best-selling author and "The Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper. After surviving a serious heart attack, he realized more balance is needed in his life, so he came up with a newfound plan.

Harper says you can put carbs back into your diet — you just need to know the difference between "good carbs" and "bad carbs."

Bad carbs or "carbage" consist of highly processed foods, which is something we should stray away from, including white bread, bagels, soda, candy, dried fruit, chips and beer.

"Good" carbs you can include into your diet consist of foods high in fiber, such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, fruit, leafy greens, skim milk, and nonfat Greek yogurt.

Bob Harper's new book, "The Super Carb Diet" is available for purchase.