Bringing the heat: How Monica makes it happen

Monica Morales is on the heat beat, fighting for freezing families. 

Has your landlord left you in the cold? Heat still not working? New York’s Very Own Monica Morales is trying to help you right now. Watch our live panel, ask questions and tell us about the heat problems you’re having. We’re Making It Happen and bringing the heat back to NY and NJ.

Viewers have been turning to PIX11 for weeks with heating and hot water issues, all dangerous problems to have during this recent freeze.

Check out some of their stories below, and a behind-the-scenes look as we help them get their heat back.

Monica Morales is turning up the heat across New York City: 

Follow her journey as she works to help tenants get their heat up and running.

Now, Monica’s turning up the heat across New York City. 

We could be in your neighborhood next.

Do you need Monica’s help to bring back your heat?

Send her an email at or send her a message on Facebook.

Watch as Monica Makes It Happen every weekday on TV at 5:45 p.m. on PIX11 News.

Check out these behind-the-scenes Facebook Live videos with New York’s Very Own Monica Morales: