Ceiling crashes down on family in NYCHA housing in Brooklyn

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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — A father woke up in a panic when he heard a loud crash and screams inside his Crown Heights home.

"I just heard a loud crash followed with screams," Daniel Jeter said. "And when I heard the screams I ran to the middle room and when I opened the door I just couldn’t believe what I saw."

Jeter’s nightmare was real. The leaky ceiling in his apartment finally caved in. Broken debris landed on and completely covered his sleeping son and his son's friend.

"I just ran in there and yanked them out and pulled them out of the rubble," Jeter said. "You know they were hurt but I’m just thankful that they were alive and nothing was broken."

The frightening ordeal began around 2:20 a.m. Sunday. Jeter’s apartment is on the 5th floor of a building in the New York City Housing Authority’s Weeksville Gardens complex.

Jeter says water from the attic space above has slowly seeped into his home.

"It’s still dripping all over the apartment," Jeter said.

Calls to NYCHA to find a permanent fix have gone unanswered for three years. This is now the third time part of his ceiling has come crashing down.

"We had a bedroom that collapsed," Jeter said. "We had a living room that collapsed and where we are at right now just might collapse

NYCHA responded Monday in a statement saying, “This is unacceptable. Our staff is making repairs now and have temporarily relocated the family to another apartment in a development nearby. We must do better to provide all residents the safe, clean and connected communities they deserve.”

The family has been moved to temporary housing.

"We're sleeping on the floor, we are eating on the floor. We have no lights at night — it’s like going from bad to worse," Jeter said. "I mean it’s safer over there, but it’s not home."

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