‘Help my boy:’ Hero cops save baby’s life in Queens

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JAMAICA, Queens — A pair of police officers saved a baby boy’s life Saturday night.

Officers Molinet and Simicich were on their way to a car accident when reports of an unconscious infant came over. They immediately rerouted toward the baby.

“‘Help my boy,’,” the baby’s father said, according to Molinet. “That’s all he was able to say.”

The baby was unconscious and his lips were turning blue, police said. His pulse was faint.

Both officers jumped into action. They had the baby’s parents get in the back seat of the car while they sped toward the hospital. The officers had police in the area block off the road so they could get the baby to medical help as soon as possible.

Officer Simicich gave the baby chest compressions while Officer Molinet drove.

“I was going full lights and sirens,” Molinet said.

It was a nerve-wracking experience for Simicich.



“It hits home for me,” he said. “I’m not just a police officer. I am a father. So when we see that, it takes priority.”

The baby regained consciousness and stared to cry just as they arrived at the hospital. He was released from the hospital this morning.

He’ll celebrate his first birthday this week.

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