The refrigerator that ruined Christmas

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It wasn’t a very merry Christmas Eve for Florencia Vicencio and her mate Matthew.

They were planning to host 25 people for dinner in their new Glendale apartment, but they needed a refrigerator.

Florencia ordered a Samsung after getting an assurance from Lowe’s that it could be delivered in time for the Sunday dinner.

She missed work on Friday and Saturday before Christmas while waiting for them and the deliverymen never showed. Finally, on Christmas Eve they arrived. But the refrigerator was dented and Florencia says they refused to bring it up the 16 steps to her second-floor apartment.

“They just said they weren’t responsible for bringing it up the stairs,” she told us. “He didn’t really care and you know we were not going to fight on Christmas.”

So with the refrigerator blocking their stairs, the couple had to cancel their dinner.

“I had to turn people away and honestly there was nowhere to put leftovers. I didn’t want food to go bad,” she said.

After Christmas, she just wanted the fridge – which was dented to boot – taken away.

“The corporate office didn’t help us. The customer service didn’t help us. We were just stuck you know. You guys were, like, my only help,” she said.

So, we contacted Lowe’s corporate office.

The pickup was scheduled for the afternoon of Dec. 27. And, again, the crew was a no show. We contacted them again and finally the pickup crew showed up that night.

Florencia told us she would like to be compensated for having her holiday ruined. We went back to Lowe’s on her behalf multiple times. The company said its Customer Service team was working on it.

In the end, Lowe’s claimed Florencia was satisfied but didn’t tell us what it did for her, citing customer privacy -- and Florencia didn’t tell us either.

But all in a day’s work. We try to help people. We don’t expect any help ourselves.

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