“The Children” : A new play tackling real world social issues

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NEW YORK—Audiences may be surprised when they go see “The Children” , a play now making its American debut.

"If they are waiting for little children to come on stage we are the children," Francesa Annis said.

Veteran British actress Francesca Annis plays Rose, a nuclear physicist, who decides to confront the chaos she helped create in the world through a series of events.

"As adults we must face up to taking responsibility and not behave like children which a lot of us do including myself, we abdicate responsibility. we vote for other people to do things," Annis said.

When she shows up on the doorstep of a remote cottage, where her former colleagues now live the unexpected unfolds all in real time.

"It is like a thriller, when I first got the script is a page turner . Because you don’t know what is going to happen next," actor Ron Cook said,

Mr. Selfridge’s, Ron Cook and award winning actress, Deborah Findlay, play Rose’s former colleagues, Robin and Hazel, and they are not all that ready to face the repercussions of their actions

"It’s great to hear the audience laugh at something at the beginning than there’s a payoff down the line," Findlay revealed.

"I think that people might come with the expectation that people think it’s a science lesson or something and it’s not at all," Annis added.

It is a play with a social conscience, that keeps you a bit off balance from its staging to its resolution.

And the actors haven’t lost sight of what it means to bring it to America at this time.

"I think it’s an important play to be doing now," Cook said.

And they are taking time to have some fun and enjoying being back in New York City.

The Manhattan Theatre Club production of “The Children” is playing at the Samuel J. Freidman Theatre.

Head to @mtc_nyc on Twitter for more information.

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