Dog owners say their pets are being shocked by stray voltage in Bed-Stuy

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BED-STUY, Brooklyn — Jermaine Louis was left distraught after his 3-year-old pit bull mix Trouble was jolted by stray voltage last week as the pair took a routine stroll down Kosciuszko Street near Throop Avenue in Bed-Stuy.

“I actually had to carry him home. He was convulsing it looked like he was having a seizure,” Louis told PIX11 News.

A trip to the vet later determined the dog came in contact with electrical currents, leaving him traumatized, his owner said.

“It takes him about 2 or 3 weeks and then he gets back to normal but this was last week so he’s still going through it,” he said.

Louis is one of many dog owners in the neighborhood who have complained about their dogs getting shocked by what’s being described as “an abandoned electric service” on the block by Con Edison.

According to the utility, these incidents are the result of the combination of salt and the melted snow acting like a conduit between metal manholes and grates, sparking a charge of voltage to passing dogs.

What’s adding to the frustration according to residents, the utility has made zero attempts on notifying the community about the “shocking” problem.

“God forbid somebody – not a dog – just steps out here and is not insulated right – then it would be a bigger problem,” Louis noted.

After an apparent uptick of complaints, utility workers rushed to the site this week and deactivated the electricity.

In a statement, a ConEd spokesperson apologized for the disruption, urging anyone who suspects contact voltage to call the utility at 1-800-75ConEd.

In the meantime, Louis says he plans to invest in rubber mittens for Trouble to avoid any more shocking incidents.

“Since he’s gotten them he hasn’t had any incidents and I stress to every dog owner in the neighborhood to get them.”

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