Howard untangles medical bill mix up

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This is one for the books.  Two young women born on the same day in 1994 have similar names - and that's caused some serious problems for them

Gabriella Echevarria lives in the Bronx. Gabrielle Echevarietta lives in Staten Island.

Echevarietta says she’s never even set foot in the Bronx.  But, somehow, she’s getting Echevarria's bills from Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx: bills totaling more than $20,000!

“Same birthdays, similar names, but for some reason the insurance is mixed up and they think that I’m her and she’s me,” Bronx resident Echevarria told us.

And her counterpart in Staten Island says, “I started getting medical bills in the mail for medical services that were not anything that I ever received or gotten done.”

Staten Island resident Echevarietta and her mom have spent more than a year trying to fix this.  That’s why they came to me.

We contacted Jacobi, Empire Blue Cross, NYC Human Resources Administration and the state Health Department.  Despite some finger pointing, we got positive response.  Both the Jacobi and the New York State Department of financial Services say they’ll take action to make sure this mixed up billing comes to an end once and for all.

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