When will your street be plowed? Check the PlowNYC plow tracker

NEW YORK — A major storm began to dump snow across the tri-state early Thursday and is not expected to relent until the evening commute.

A foot of snow is possible in some areas, with 4 to 8 inches likely in NYC, western Long Island, western Connecticut and central New Jersey; 8 to 12 inches in eastern Long Island, eastern Connecticut and coastal New Jersey; and 1 to 4 inches for northwestern New Jersey and Hudson Valley.

But don’t despair, commuters, help is on the way and you can track it as it happens.

The city has a convenient way to see when your street is cleared. It’s called the PlowNYC, and it can be found by clicking here: CLICK HERE FOR THE TRACKER.

According to the city, “PlowNYC was created to allow the public to track the progress of Department of Sanitation clearing operations throughout the five boroughs. Enter your address in the spaces below to view your street’s snow removal category or to track the progress of City plows during a snow event.”