PIX11 viewers share pictures, video of snowstorm slamming tri-state

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NEW YORK — Snow pummeled the tri-state area Thursday, causing dangerous conditions for commuters and prompting many others to stay home and enjoy the brutal weather indoors — by avoiding it.

Flakes first fell in NYC after 4 a.m., and is not expected to let up until the evening commute. Totals are expected to be 4 to 8 inches in NYC, western Long Island, western Connecticut and central New Jersey; 8 inches to a foot in eastern Long Island, eastern Connecticut and coastal New Jersey; and 1 to 4 inches for northwestern New Jersey and Hudson Valley.

As of 10 a.m., 7 inches had already collected in parts of Ocean County, New Jersey.

The intensity of the storm has prompted officials to call it a "bomb cyclone," or a low-pressure system that rapidly intensifies.

In anticipation of the storm, hundreds of schools were closed Thursday. Many flights have also been canceled, and public transit has slowed.

While some drivers are braving the roads, other PIX11 viewers said they were staying inside to watch the storm from their heated homes.

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