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City leaders to unveil new barriers to prevent terror attacks

NEW YORK — In light of vehicles being used to carry out terror attacks in New York City and around the world, city leaders on Tuesday are set to unveil additional barriers in highly traveled areas, in the hopes of protecting pedestrians from attackers who plan to use their vehicles as deadly weapons.

The new security measures come after a man allegedly used a rented truck to mow down pedestrians near the World Trade Center on Halloween last year.

Last month, the City Council unanimously voted to install more metal posts across the city.

Those barriers already are widely used around Times Square and are thought have been key to protecting life when a man drove down sidewalk there in May 2017, killing one woman and injuring dozens more.

On Halloween, a suspected terrorist drove a rented truck down a bike path, killing eight people in the first terror attack in New York City since Sept. 11. Emergency work began in the fall to safeguard that path with temporary barriers.

There are plans to install additional bollards across the city.