Bronx woman comes home from surgery, finds her home has no heat

BRONX —A Bronx woman who lives in public housing came home from surgery to find her home had no heat.

Residents of the public housing buildings at 1285 Washington Avenue and 450 East 169th, including the elderly and those with children, are dealing with wide-spread loss of heat in their apartments.

”For the past five days there has been no heat out here,” said one resident. “I have called to complain and they say something about a boiler, and it makes no sense.”

The buildings use the same boiler system, and some say the boiler system has been failing since before the cold snap.

“We pay our rent and we expect to have hot water and heat,” said Gwendolyn Primus, president of the Resident’s Association for the buildings. “NYCHA was not prepares for this arctic weather.”

Primus gathered a room full of people to fully explain the impact of the lack of heat to PIX 11. One man has kept his oven on almost constantly, even though he knows it's dangerous.

"I don't want to, but what am I supposed to do - be cold?

Another woman said it was unsafe for her grandchild to visit because it is too cold in her unit.

A spokeswoman for NYCHA said crews were being dispatched to check out the boiler plant.

“Our residents deserve safe, warm homes in the winter and our staff is working diligently to repair outages as quickly as possible,” she wrote via email. “We can and must do better for our residents.”