The Big Apple Circus celebrates 40th anniversary with some big, new acts

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NEW YORK— Daring.

Death defying.


You don’t have to be a kid, to be mesmerized by the doings of the Big Apple Circus!

"Actually a lot of times people will scream and cover their eyes and peek through them. It’s almost like scary but very thrilling for them,” contortionist Elayne Kramer said.

Elayne Kramer is a sixth generation circus performer. A world renowned contortionist, who can bend her body in mind-blowing ways, while shooting a bow and arrow with her feet!

"I started training at the age of 4 to do what I do now," Kramer explained.

Speaking of training….

Jenny Vidbel also grew up in a circus family. She comes from a line of animal trainers and starts her day early, caring for her horses and dogs…

"We get up around 6-630. I come right into the ring to exercise the horses," Vidbel said.

"Whose easier to wake up the dogs or the horses??" Mr. G asked.

"The dogs wake me up every morning around 4:30. The horses they’re kind of like me, ehh who wants to exercise," Vidbel joked.

Don’t ask her who she loves more…

"I can’t answer that they’re my family," she said.

And this year’s big highlight:

The fabulous Wallenda family, led by multi-world record holder, Nik Wallenda.

"My great grandfather said it best. He said life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting, For our family, its true because it's our passion," Wallenda explained.

You’ve seen him walk a wire over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon.

But at the Big Apple Circus, he’s just 28 feet above your head!

"The Big Apple Circus is the most intimate circus in america," Wallenda said.

"You ever look down?" Mr. G asked.

"I look down all the time. Of course, no one else will ever be in that position. I take it all in," he said.

Inspiring the next generation with his motto to “never give up” and become the next big top star.

Watch out Wallenda ….. I’m coming for you!