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Rapper T.I. goes on $20,000 shopping spree to help single mothers on Christmas: video

Rapper T.I. is seen in a still image from his Instagram account showing him buy Christmas presents for single mothers. (troubleman31)

NEW YORK — Rapper T.I. shared video on Christmas of him helping single mothers buy presents for their children — and says he spent $20,000 in 30 minutes in the process.

Video posted to Instagram Monday shows T.I. walking through a Target, with a growing number of women walking with the rapper as he made his way through the store calling out to single mothers.

“All the single mothers,” he is heard saying. “If there’s anything for your children that you didn’t get, meet me in the back.”

The video then cuts to T.I. buying large items, including televisions, for dozens of people.

“Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me thumb through 20k in 30mins,” T.I. wrote in the Instagram video post. “Wish I could’ve came earlier,stayed longer & done more for more people.”

It was not clear where the shopping spree took place. T.I. lives in Atlanta.