After Christmas, retailers hope new sales will entice shoppers to come back

NEW YORK — Christmas has come and gone but the holiday shopping season is not over.

Retailers rolled out big sales Tuesday to entice shoppers back into stores.

New Yorkers headed out into the cold, ready to spend gift cards or return unwanted gifts.

Belinda White browsed the racks at Fashion Outlet in Downtown Brooklyn.

"I am exchanging. They didn't give me the right size," White said.

She found what she was looking for, but didn't purchase anything else.

The store's manager, Kweku Anderson, was slashing prices. He's hoping shoppers will come in for returns but walk out with more.

"They come into exchange and entice them with something new and a better price to get them to buy more stuff," he said.

It's been a difficult year for small brick-and-mortar businesses and while industry analysts said this holiday shopping season was one of the best in years, it may not be enough to help mom-and-pop shops.

According to a new report from Mastercard's SpendingPulse, spending is up. But online sales account for a lot of it.

Herald Square in Midtown was filled with post-Christmas shoppers.

"We are using our gift cards and taking advantage of the sales, so we can get more clothes," teenager Kayla Bachrach said.

Bachrach's parents were not as rosy about the shopping experience.

"It's very hard to make your kids happy and feel OK with what you are spending," mom Karen Bachrach said.